Jargon I do not…embrace

Eliminate corporate jargon NOW!     (downloadable for your next meeting…DO it!)

“…EMBRACE the x or y…” (We now know that you’re sensitive? Right?)

“…so we want to…reach out…to…you…” (Do you mean you’re going to ask for a meeting or do something in our best interest? What is it?)

“…it RESONATED with me!…” (Tuning forks resonate.)

“…so, at the end of the day…” (We are all very weary of this phrase, aren’t we?)

“…WOW factor…stunning…nestled” (mostly real estate jargon- I did not know that 3 out of 5 homes are stunning and nestled. I had two homes in lovely Evergreen. Both of them actually WERE nestled, with cute, buzzy hummingbirds every day in summer. They “run routes”, did you know?)

“…a-HA moment!” (Babytalk, so please stop. If you realize something, just SAY “I realized x or y”, OK?)

“…apples to apples” (We’ve graduated to grade school, but please don’t say this.)

“…pro-active” (Is this a word which means to do something? Is this a word?)

“…so, the takeaway is…” (Do not assume I want you telling me what I should “take away”, thank you. I take my own notes, always have.)

“…the heavy lifting” (You mean work?)

“…hit the ground running.” (Jumping from airplanes, are we?)

“..wiggle room…” (See above: Sounds like everybody else)

“…GAME changer!” (Few things are, so use this catchword sparingly, thank you.)

“…let’s DO this!” (Please, King of Action, back off…relax)

“wrap my head around it…” (So, you’re having trouble with the concept?)


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